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Dreamcast HDMI + Disc Emulator + PicoPSU


PAL or NTSC available, just select option.


Crystal Black Case Option


Fitted with DC Digtal DCHDMI Board

Resoultion up to 1080p


DC Emu Version 5.15b

The cd player has been replaced with the DC Emu disc emulator

Play backup images of all your favourite dreamcast games

This has been carefully mounted ensuring a solid connection


Genuine picoPSU Power Supply fitted.

Cool efficient operation

This makes the console universal.

No step down transformer required.

All you need is a Laptop style DC Power supply.

I have these available in accessories.


Battery holder mod, resettable fuse and new cap on controller board.


Cosmetic condition

Excellent cosmetic example


1 Year Guarantee


Any questions just ask:

Console : Dreamcast HDMI + DCEmu

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