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Sega Master System MK1


Tim Worthington FM Sound Expansion Mod:


Unlock FM sound support previously only available on the Japanese version.


Region Modded:


Play games at full speed as intentioned by the game programmers.

Master system games were intended to be played at 60hz


50 & 60 hertz video rate switching for full screen, full speed gaming

Switchless support for Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Module


Just hold down the pause button to change regions:

4 extended regions. 50Hz / 60Hz / 60Hz+FM / & 60Hz+FM JPN Mode


RGB Mod:


Cysnc mod resulting in a clearer RGB picture.


Excellent Quality Shielded scarts resulting in the best possible RGB picture are available from retrogamingcables here




- 6 Month Guarantee


- Contact for any queries

Console : RGB - Master System MK1

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