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RGB Modded with the Official Tim Worthington NESRGB Kit


NESRGB V4 with new features:


- Reset via controller, ideal for flash carts

- 6 Pallette options selectable by controllercarts such as the everdrive N8


Cosmetic condition:


No major cosmetic flaws, will have some legacy scars, such as small corner chips/fading.


Optional Extras:


- NTSC 60HZ Version (+£40)

- New Internal Power Module (+£40)


Replaces the old rf module

A new linear power regulator module circuit with av out.

Built in rgb out means only minimal changes to the case.

This is a multi rgb out type for use with a snes ntsc scart (sync to pin 3)


- Cartridge Connector Fix: (+£40)


New custom designed toploader style cartridge connector

Never have cart connection problems again or blinking light


Compatible with all current upscalers:


  • OSSC Upscaler
  • Retrotink
  • Rad2x


Official UK/European installer and reseller for Tim Worthington rgb mod kits




I have good quality multi out ntsc snes csync wired scarts here

I stock good quality compatible power supplies here




1 Year Guarantee

Console : NES Frontloader RGB

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