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RGB Modded with Tim's NESRGB Kit


Modded with the latest RGB mod board.

Tim Worthington NESRGB V4 with new features

6 Pallette options selectable by controller

Reset via controller, ideal for flash carts such as the everdrive n8


Cartridge slot replacement with Cart Fix v1.3

This replaces the flawed bendy pin design with a standard 72 pin connector

Never have cart connection issues again.


Newly designed power/rgb out  module.

Integrated RGB out connector.

Mini din 8 or multi out option

This means only minimal alterations to the case.


Cosmetic condition:

I try and source good examples but there will be minor cosmetic wear / fading.




Compatible with the OSSC Upscaler

Compatible with the Rad2x

Compatible with the Retrotink

Compatible with the Framemeister


Compatible with most model LCD and HD-TV's with scart input

Compatible with CRT televisions




I have good quality mini din 8 RGB Scarts with sepearte audio here


I have good quality multi out ntsc snes csync wired scarts here


I stock good quality compatible power supplies here




1 Year Guarantee

Console : RGB - NES Frontloader PAL

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