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HDMI Adapter for Sega Saturn


This is the official bitfunx adapter and is optimized for the sega saturn, but can also be used on other consoles


This is one of the best plug and play hdmi solutions available


Here is the official description:


Bitfunx SATURN 2X LINE DOUBLER HDMI Adapter for SEGA Saturn MD MEGA Drive Mega Genesis SNK NEO GEO with RGB and Composite Input



The majority of modern televisions have connectivity via HDMI and lack some of the older inputs which retro consoles use. With the Bitfunx HDMI adapter cables, you can bring your old consoles such as the SEGA Saturn, Megadrive and Neo Geo CD back to life on a newer
TV and relive those classic games with a simple “Plug and Play” solution.


This adapter is the ultimate all in one HDMI Line Doubler for:

  • Sega Saturn

  • Sega Megadrive/Genesis 1 & 2

  • Sega Mega CD

  • Sega 32X

  • Neo Geo CD

  • Neo Geo CDZ

  • Neo Geo AES




1) Video & Audio in full digital HDMI format with zero transmission loss.

2) Works with the majority of HDMI compatible Televisions and Monitors.

3) Hassle free! Plug and play!

4) Supports all Saturn, Megadrive/Genesis and Neo Geo CD consoles on PAL, NTSC-U & NTSC-J.


5) Provides advanced signal processing with great precision colours and resolution.


6) Firmware updatable.


7) Comes with access to our complete control updater which allows on the move changes such as colours, positioning and filter control.

8) Power Consumption: Below 2w

9) Supported Resolutions: 240p, 288p, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p

10) Output resolutions: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p



  • Connect the cable add on required for Megadrive/Genesis 1& 2 or Neo Geo CD.

  • Connect Bitfunx Sega/Neo Geo HDMI Line Doubler to the console.

  • Plug in the Micro USB power cable into the HDMI adapter and connect the other end to
    a USB power source

  • Connect a HDMI cable to the adapter and put the opposite end into your TV.

  • Power on your console and the TV should instantly display the image.

  • To get the most out of your adapter update to the latest firmware available on

  • Once downloaded and updated you can make changes specific to your preference such
    as screen positioning, colours, and contrast as well as brightness and filter changes.


Out of the box the adapter has 6 modes :


• Green LED – RGBS 2x with smoothing

• Red LED – RGBS 2x no smoothing

• Purple LED – RGBS pass through mode

• Blue LED – Composite 2x with smoothing

• Yellow LED – Composite 2x no smoothing

• Cyan LED – Composite pass through mode

HDMI Adapter for Sega Saturn

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