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Flex Adapter for TW N64RGB


Available for any model N64 pal or ntsc with any DAC chip.






This is an flex adapter to make installation a lot easier.

This is the most direct method of connecting the n64 to the tw rgb board. (approx 80 mm)


Just follow these simple steps:


(Please see photos for illustration)


Step 1: Solder flat flex to DENC VDC OR AVDC/MAVNUS CHIP

Step 2: Fold over flex

Step 3: Place n64rgb on shielding and mark out slot position on shielding

Step 4: Cut out slot in shielding, (just drill and file out a row of 4 mm holes, see additional notes)

Step 5: Thread through flex

Step 6: Stick /screw down n64rgb and fold over and solder flex.


Standard n64 rgb instructions can be found here:


Additional Notes:

Another method is to just grind/hacksaw off the end of the thick shielding

Use the screw hole as a marker.

Folding over the thinner shielding makes drilling/cutting/grinding easier

A dremel with a mini grinding disc makes cutting thin shielding slot easier.

("EZ SpeedClic 38MMDisc")

Flex : TW RGB - N64 (ninja install method)

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