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NES Cart Fix v1.2


Fix for flawed frontloader cartridge connector.

This is replaced with a standard 72 pin connection like the toploader.

This eliminates the terrible bendy pins design.

Never have cart connetion issues again.


Installation Steps:


1. Cut off bottom strip of cart tray and add bolt.


2. Solder on 1st pin strip to frontplate


3. Solder on front plate to edge connector on all 4 corners.

(leave 4mm gap from green solder mask)

(make sure plate is perpendicular and straight)


4. Loosely fit in 72 pin connector, position tray with cart and insert into connector

Solder a couple of pins to hold into place.

(this makes sure the connector is soldered at the correct angle) (pic 6)


5. Solder connnector in place with tray and cart removed.


6. Solder on black plate.


Screw on tray and you should be good to go with no more connector troubles!


Any question just ask,




    Kit : NES Cartridge Connector Fix

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