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Mod Kit : NES Cart Fix v1.2


Fix for flawed frontloader cartridge connector.

This mod hardwires a standard connector.

This eliminates the terrible bendy pins design.

Never have cart connetion issues again.


Customer Review:


The cart fix is super important as it makes the Nintendo consistently reliable. I would definitely promote it more. 
I've never had this level of consistency since the Nintendo was brand new and I've tried refurbishing old connectors and using new connectors. The only thing is that works 100% is your cart fix and the Blinking Light Win. 
I'd say your cart fix is better than the blinking light win as it's easier to get the carts out and feels more robust. You also don't have to cycle though the region codes, providing you've done the region free mod. 


Installation Steps:


Its easy to see the general idea with this mod, you're just hardwiring a new standard connector in place. The cartridge will sit further forward, so the tray won't need to be pushed down. Make sure you get the cart connector angle correct.


1. Trim or cut off back strip of cartridge tray.


2. Solder on front plate to edge connector

(make sure plate is perpendicular and straight!)

(leave approx 4mm gap from green solder mask)

(solder all sides bottom and top)


3. Solder on top pin strip to frontplate, trim pins so that cartridge connector top edge is flush


4. Line up tray and cartridge connector tack in place to get angle right. Then solder in place (with top edge flush)


5. Solder on black plate.


Screw on tray and you should be good to go with no more connector troubles!


Any question just ask,

    Mod Kit : NES Cartridge Connector Fix

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