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N64 Region Mod Kit


The UltraPIF is a replacement for the PIF-NUS chip of the Nintendo 64.

The PIF-NUS chip is responsible for region locking and copy protection.


It also has some essential features:


The UltraPIF replaces all the functions of the original PIF,

but ignores the CIC and therefore allows a region free, PAL and NTSC compatible N64.


In addition, the UltraPIF has a built-in clock generator to support true 50 and 60Hz. An RGB LED replaces the original LED and indicates whether the N64 operates in NTSC or PAL. 


You will find assembly and installation tips in this wiki.


Download the latest Firmware here (Everdrive required - latest version : 0.11.0)


I offer a  send-in install service for this kit.


I have replacement region free cartridge trays available


contact :

Mod Kit : Nintendo 64 UltraPIF Region Free

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