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PC Engine 7374 RGB Mod Kit


The original white model pc engine is recommended above the core and core ii for the best rgb jailbar free picture!


- Specifically designed for the original white model pc-engine


- Easy to install with built in mini din 8 and stereo socket

- This improves grounding and makes installation a lot easier with less wiring.

- Separate audio socket reduce cross-talk signal noise

- Latest 7374 based RGB Amplifier with Sync 75 Ohm Termination Amp


- Includes replacement caps for Jailbar fix :




Install steps.


Remove the rf module.

Mark out and scrape away solder mask

File or dremel mini din 8 connector.

Solder mini din 8 upside down to gnd plain.

Solder stereo socket

Solder r g b 5v gnd and sync wires

Audio can be tapped from rf pins (see image 4)

Trim plastic around connectors to fit.


All signals can be tapped from topside of motherboard, I've marked convenient points in the photos.




Compatible Mini din 8 scart with seperate audio cable is available here do a compatible mini din 8 scart as well.


Any queries, just contact


Kit : RGB - PC Engine THS7374 Amp - White Model

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