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PC Engine 7374 RGB Mod Kit


- Specifically designed for the original white model pc-engine


Simply flip and solder the mini din 8 panel mount directly to the pce ground plain.

Scrape away solder mask on pce and file mini din8 connector to prep for soldering.


- Easy to install with built in mini din 8 and stereo socket

- This improves grounding and makes installation a lot easier with less wiring.

- Separate audio socket reduce cross-talk signal noise

- Latest 7374 based RGB Amplifier with Sync 75 Ohm Termination Amp


- Includes replacement caps for Jailbar fix :




- Includes Replacement Connectors




I stock compatible Scarts for the PC-Engine White Model here


Retrogamingcables stock an alternative PC-Engine White Model Scarts here


Retro gaming cables stock a compatible for scart for all other models:

For duo, duo-r, turbo grafx can be found here


I stock compatible cap kits for the Turbo Duo Model here



Kit : RGB - PC Engine THS7374 Amp - White Model

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