N64 7374 RGB Mod Kit WITH SCART


Easy to install, simply solder to the av out port with 3 wires going to RGB points on the motherboard underside as detailed in photo.


-Please note this is for early model N64's only

-NUS-CPU-01 / 02 /03



Please check here for compatibility:



The THS7374 is the latest SDTV Amplifier IC from Texas Instruments.

Low pass filter option (disabled by default) which allows for a sharper image.


Most setups will benefit from keeping the existing n64 sync intact.

Alternatively the sync can be buffered through the modboard.

Options to output either TTL C-Sync or C-Sync attenuated for 75ohm terminations. 


PCB populated in house.

All credit for the design go to Borti4938.


Contact david@oldskoolconsoles.com for installation help.

N64 7374 RGB Mod Kit WITH SCART