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PS2 Free McBoot


Bitfunx FMCB V1.966 For MX4SIO


Includes FreeMcBoot softmod fully installed and ready to use. This is a very easy to use alternative to mod chipping, allowing you to run third party applications from the Memory Card or a USB Device.

No other mods or tools are needed to use FreeMcBoot, simply plug the Memory Card into your console and you're ready to go.

Compatible with all PS2 models, with the only exception being SCPH-9000X models with a date code of 8C or higher.


Comes with the following programs installed and ready to use:


  • uLaunchElf
  • ESR
  • HD Loader
  • Open PS2 Loader
  • GS Mode Selector
  • Cheat Device
  • SMS Media Player


PS2 Free McBoot

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