RGB Modded N64 Grey NTSC (T.W N64RGB with Deblur)



Price is for console only without jumper pak

These have been cleaned but may have some minor marking.

Jumper pak lids have been replaced.

1 week wait from order time.



Fitted with the latest and best Tim Worthington RGB Mod Board


As Featured on Nintendo Life!


"Can't believe how good this looks when used with the OSSC upscaler!"


Compatible with the Rad2x hdmi cable sold at Retro Gaming Cables here




Flashed with latest Borti4938 Switchless Firmware:


Features Enabled/Disabled using Controller Button Combination:


- Enable/Disable deblur: Gives Games a Sharper Pixel Look

- Z + Start + R + C-le/C-Ri

- Enable/Disable 15bit Colour Mode

- Z + Start + R + C-dw/C-up

- Short and Long Reset Ideal for accessing Flash cart Menu

- Z + Start + R + A + B


Official installer with over 150 upgrades


6 Month Guarantee


Any questions just ask: david@oldskoolconsoles.com




- I have good quality scarts available in the accessories page here

Console : TW RGB - N64 - NTSC with De-Blur