RGB Modded with Tim's NESRGB Kit


These are converted from ntsc, but are fully PAL 50 HZ etc.


Compatible with the OSSC Upscaler


Compatible with the Framemeister

Compatible with most model LCD and HD-TV's with scart input

Compatible with Sony PVM / BVM and CRT with NTSC capabiltiy


- Decent cosmetic condition.






I stock compatible scarts here

Alternatively retrogamingcables scart is available here


I stock good quality compatible power supplies here




- Contact for more details:- david@oldskoolconsoles.com


Console : RGB - NES Toploader PAL

  • The RGB upgrade provides a crisp, clear picture.

    Compatible with the XRGB Framemeister, LCD and CRT televisions.

    A toggle switch is fitted to change between 3 different pallettes: 'Natural' / 'Improved' and 'Garish'

    Improve your retro gaming experience !

United Kingdom

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