SNES Super CIC Board + UIGRv2






Important: This is for 3 chip snes models only!

You can check and see if the motherboard has S-PP1 and S-PP2

The big grey and white snes and super famicom models, and usa snes


Not the snes mini / junior and rare 0x0 serial grey models with CPUN single chips.






- Latest and Best SNES or Super Famicom Region Mod

- Play games from all regions. 100 % compatible with all Imports.

- Easy to install with just a few wires to solder.

- Switchless mod with no case alteration necessary.

- Change region by holding down the reset button or using the controller

- Additional in game reset feature, ideal for accessing flash cart menu's.

- 50Hz, 60Hz, or auto-detect mode indicated by dual-led. (Red/Green/Orange)


All credit for the design goes to borti4938


See 2nd Product Photo above for a quick installation guide.


Detailed Installation instructions can be found here




Button Combos:


L + R + SEL + Y --> PAL Mode

L + R + SEL + A --> NTSC Mode

L + R + SEL + B --> Cartridge Region

L + R + SEL + START --> Short Reset

L + R + SEL + X --> Long Reset


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Kit : Region - SNES SuperCIC


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