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You modified my NES front loader a few months ago to RGB and included the cart fix and made it region free. 


I just wanted to let you know that everything is still working great! 


I'm really pleased with it because it's just amazing how the games consistently load up with the cart fix and the RGB just makes playing something old like new. 


It's an elevated experience compared to playing it as a kid on fuzzy composite screen. 


The region free has also allowed me to play games I purchased in 1990 from America, so ironically I'm playing them for the first time 33 years later! Better late than never I guess! 


It really feels like the NES has ben resurrected, as I'm also using a wireless receiver with an 8 bit Do arcade stick that makes the whole experience slicker. 

Nick, July 2023


I received my RGB modded PAL N64 yesterday and I don’t know how much of a difference I was expecting it to make but I was totally blown away.  My mouth was literally hanging open going from game to game.  Its practically a generational leap.

I’ve got it connected up to a RetroTink 5x using your scart cable and it works perfectly.


March 2023


I received the NES back and I want to tell you, that you did your work more than perfect, thank you a lot, if any of my friends will want hi-def I’ll recommend only you!!! If you have any facebook page I can leave also this post there!!!


Hi David,


Just a quick email to say many thanks for the N64RGB mod. The service you provided was super smooth and I am a very happy customer. myself and my wife played Mario kart and goldeneye for a few hours yesterday and the picture was super sharp and clear.


I will defiantly use your services if they are ever in need and I will 100% recommend anyone who needs a N64 mod or any retro console enquiry.


Again many thanks




Just emailing to say I got the n64 back today and a big thank you for a stellar job.  Tried all my games on it now and they all look amazing considering they're n64 titles on an LCD!  I've decided not to opt for the OSSC option - after researching my TV it turns out it's a tv/monitor which supports a 15khz analog signal natively so I don't think an external analog/digital convertor upscaler is going to be necessary - looks amazing as is!! 

Thanks again and keep up the good work, always nice to see people keeping old tech relevant. :-D



"I just wanted to say a great big thanks for RGB modding my NES and N64, they have exceeded my expectations picture wise and the scart cables included are perfect with my OSSC. Thank you!"


"We received the NES yesterday and gave her a whirl. Very impressed with it, the RGB mod was money well spent. Fantastic service from yourself, hope to be in touch again in the future."

Matthew, UK (RGB PAL Frontloader Upgrade)


"And for the console, really clean. Perfect.
For the picture quality, if I had one word to choose, I think it would be : WOW !!!!
On my LCD, it's already great ! I am even reconsidering buying the framemeister ! Picture is sharp, clean, no more a jelly, it's so good !"

Bruno, France (RGB Famicom AV)



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