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Retro Console Power Supply


For UK wall socket only.


If this is the only item you are ordering please select the following shipping:

(4.99 for UK)


Add a note stating which model console you would like it for and the country when checking out.


Beware of the generic replacements available on amazon and ebay, these are usually very cheaply made and can effect the picture quality as well as damage the hdnes and nesrgb mod boards.


Compatible with both PAL and NTSC versions of the following consoles:


  • NES Frontloader
  • NES Toploader
  • Original Famicom
  • Famicom AV
  • Super Famicom Jr
  • Master System
  • Megadrive
  • Atari 2600


Email me at with any queries

Acc : Retro Console PSU : UK ONLY

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