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Playstation 2 Console


These are the original 'fat' models.

Model: SCPH-5XXX


I have UK PAL or NTSC-J available.


Fitted with the retrogem hdmi mod board (basic edition)


Plug straight into your smart tv with an hdmi cable.


Resolutions of up to 720p are available on the basic edition which be easily upgraded to 1080p, 1440p via a simple license upgrade here


On screen menu : L1 Trigger + R1 Trigger + DPad Right + O


Fitted with the rePS2 power mod


This means the ps2 is powered externally with a laptop style adapter.

The high voltage switched mode mains transformer module is removed from within the console. This used to sit dangerously close to the retrogem mod board and carries mains voltage. Removing this makes the console much safer to service or upgrade in future. More information is available here

I try and source decent cosmetic examples, there will inevitably be some minor signs of wear.


Includes power supply.


1 Year Guarantee

Any questions just ask:


Console : PS2 PixelFX Retrogem HDMI

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