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N64 fitted with the Latest Retrogem HDMI mod from pixelfx.


Fitted with the PixelFX basic edition giving you resolutions up to 720p.


Easily upgraded to the shiny edition giving you resolutions of 1080p and 1440p. just enter in the UUID once you have received the console  here


I have PAL and NTSC available and difference cases just select your preference.


The Retro GEM is the ultimate HDMI kit for your retro gaming consoles.


  • Digital lag-free HDMI output
  • Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi
  • Advanced scaling and video filters.


I only sell good cosmetic examples.


Price is for HDMI modded console only.


(Includes jumper pak)


1 Year Guarantee


Any questions just ask:






Menu: L + R + PAD_RIGHT + B

Output Resolution Swap on the Fly: L + R + PAD_UP + C_UP


Console : N64 PixelFX Retrogem HDMI

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