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Playstation 1 RGB fitted with with XSTATION ODE


This console is a PAL SCPH-5xxx model.


The xStation is basically the Everdrive for the PlayStation: The old CD drive is replaced by a MicroSD card slot - and you can comfortably load all your games directly from SD card! Perfect for all those who want to preserve their collection - or for whom the drive no longer works properly (which should be the case for many).

The highlights of the xStation:

* Full compatibility with the PlayStation 1 library.
* Full redump drag and drop support
* Supports multi-CD games and easy switching
* Return to loader by holding the reset button for 1 second
* PS1Digital compatibility and IGR support via PS1Digital's OSD menu
* microSD cards of any size are supported
* Supports ExFAT and FAT32
* Supports .iso, ccd/img, cue/bin (single and multiple)
* Region free (due to built-in PSNee), you don't need another modchip
* Automatic 50/60Hz switching
* Load times are slightly faster than an original drive in good condition.
* Easy firmware updates - just copy it to the SD card - done!
* No registration required for updates, you can also downgrade without any problems.




SD card not included,

I recommend the sandisk extreme 256gb micro sd card


Official user guide here.


Any questions contact:

Console : PS1 with Xstation ODE

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