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Playstation 1 Fitted with Retro GEM HDMI OUT


I have PAL or NTSC models


(Option power upgrade for ntsc versions if you don't want to use a stepdown coverter)


Fitted with the retrogem hdmi mod board (basic edition)


Plug straight into you smart tv with an hdmi cable and you are ready to go.


Resolutions of up to 720p are available on the basic edition which be easily upgraded to 1080p, 1440p via a simple license upgrade here


The Retro GEM is the ultimate HDMI kit for your retro gaming consoles.


  • Digital lag-free HDMI output
  • Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi
  • Advanced scaling and video filters.


  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 960p
  • 1080p
  • 1200p
  • 1440p





On screen menu: L1 Trigger + R1 Trigger + DPad Right + O


I only sell good cosmetic examples and test the optical drive.


Price is for HDMI modded console only.


1 Year Guarantee

Any extra upgrades can be undertaken for example:


RePSX Power Supply Mod: +£45

Replaces the internal power supply with a 12v DC version.

This is then powered by an external laptop style ac psu.

Ideal solution for import ntsc playstation models with no need for an ac stepdown converter.


Xstation ODE: + £159

Optical Drive emulator, run backups of cd games via sd card

Eliminate the hassle of cd read errors and damaging increasingly rare cd games


BIOS Replacement: + £30

Replace the BIOS with any variation


Any questions just ask:


Console : Retrogem HDMI - PS1 (Basic Version)

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