RGB Super Famicom Junior
SuperCIC Region Modded RGB Super Famicom Junior

- These models have the single ppu chip providing a sharper quality image


- Fitted with the RGB bypass amp (Borti4938 version)


Fitted with Latest SuperCIC Region Mod


- PAL or 50HZ / NTSC or 60HZ / or Cartridge Region.


- Simply change regions with your controller:


Select Region (PAL/NTSC/CART) :
L + R + SEL + Y/A/B


Short Reset / Long Reset:





Good Quality Compatible scart is available here


Retrogamingcables universal scart is available here


Compatible Power Supply is available here


6 Month Guarantee / Warranty


***Please note: consoles may have some discoloration and minor wear, testament to the console's heritage!***


Contact: david@oldskoolconsoles.com for any queries

Console : RGB / SuperCIC Modded Super Famicom Jr


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