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Dreamcast GDEMU




This only works with the VA1 dreamcast revision.

There is a really good install guide here.


Versions 5.51b


This is a known good firmware version.

Firmware updates are done at your own risk.


Official documentation is here


 The GDEMU replaces the optical disc drive on the sega dreamcast.


Run dreamcast games from an sd card

Removes the need for damaging increasingly rare and expensive physical cd games.

No more cd drive read errors, laser and motor faults.


I recommend using a good quality sd card such as the sandisk Extreme 128GB


I connect and test each board before posting

I cannot therefore replace/refund damaged boards.


As a minimum it is recommended adding a resistor to the power rail if you're still using the original power supply.


I stock dreamcast rePSU power supplies.


Easy to install with no soldering required


Install tips:

Make sure the board sits flat to avoid a poor connection!

I recommend drilling an extra mounting hole.

The board should be fixed a 3 points.

I include 3 hex standoff's and 6 screws.


Screw each standoffs to the shielding from the underside.


Email me at with any queries

Mod Kit : Dreamcast GDEMU

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