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HDMI Adapter for Sega Megadrive 1 /2 / Genesis 1 / 2 Neo Geo AES


Official Bitfunx brand in aluminium case.


HDMI 1080p Output!


Affordable, plug and play  low latency way to hook up your retro consoles onto your modern display!


Sega Megadrive 1

Sega Megadrive 2

Sega Genesis 1

Sega Genesis 2

Neo Geo AES


Not compatible with SECAM FR MD1600-9 and MD160-01 model, thanks.


The MD1/MD2/SNK RGBS UPSCALER converts the analog RGBS signal of the MD1/MD2/SNK game consoles into 1080P digital HDMI signal with lossless audio/video on modern HD TV's , monitors and projectors.


Switch setting that makes it compatible with MD1/MD2/SNK game consoles

Supports 16:9/4:3 game screen ratio switching.

"Plug and play" to bringing you a better gaming experience.




1) Comatibles all version of MD1/MD2/SNK consoles.


2) Support input resolution: 240p, 288p, 480p, 480i, 576i, 576p.


3) SNK/MD switch works for compatibility with all the SNK/MD consoles.


4) Video input Mode: RGBS


5) Video Output Mode; 1080P HDMI


6) Supports aspect ratio switching 16:9/4:3.


7) Easy to use, plug and play with well-prepared cables.

- Needs an extra micro-USB cable (included in the box) for power supply.

HDMI Adapter for Sega Megadrive 1 /2 / Genesis 1 / 2 Neo Geo AES

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