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GBA Gameboy Advance hispeedido HDMI Output Mod Kit

Consolize your GBA!


Add HDMI out to your GBA, compatible with most modern displays, no configuration necessary.


Low latency zero transmission loss.


Easy to install mod which connets between the gba motherboard and original gba screen, just plugs into the 40 pin ribbon cable , only 2 wires needs to be soldered.


Simply plug into your hd tv and use the gba itself as the controller.


This mod kit is for the 40 pin version of the GBA


You can see what version you have by looking at the ribbon connection if you have the transparent model.


Or remove the batteries and check the serial number as shown in the last image, if its starts with a 0 its a 40 pin, if its starts with a 1 its a 32 pin version.


Install instructions


(Please see photos as a guide.)


Dismantle your gba.

Using the mod board as a guide, file out a hole for the hdmi out.


Scrape the foam off the back of the original screen, sticker remover works well.

Add electrical tape to the back of the screen to insulate.


Solder the 2 audio wires to SO1 and SO2 pads.

Replace the screen and connect up the mod board.

Button up the gba and connect to your tv.


You'll need to power the gba with batteries or the usb power mod I have available here

Mod Kit : GBA HDMI output mod

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