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N64 7374 RGB Mod Kit


Easy to install, simply solder to the av out port with 3 wires going to RGB points on the motherboard underside as detailed in product photo's.


-Please note this is for early model N64's only

-NUS-CPU-01 / 02 /03



Please check here for compatibility


Installation guide


The THS7374 is the latest SDTV Amplifier IC from Texas Instruments.

Low pass filter option (disabled by default) which allows for a sharper image.


Most setups will benefit from keeping the existing n64 sync intact.

Alternatively the sync can be buffered through the modboard.


Configured for C-Sync attenuated for 75ohm termination by default, this is what the vast majority of setups require


PCB populated in house.


All credit for the design go to Borti4938.


Technical Notes are can be found here


I sell decent quality compatible shielded scarts here


Alternatively retrogamingcables sell high quality scarts here


Contact for installation help.

Mod Kit : RGB - N64 THS7374 Amp

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