Send your Nintendo N64 in to be RGB modified professionally!


Get the latest and best Tim Worthington RGB Mod Board fitted


As Featured on Nintendo Life!


Fully Compatible:


  • OSSC and
  • RAD2X
  • Retrotink


Price includes mod kit.




Flashed with latest Borti4938 Switchless Firmware:


Features Enabled/Disabled using Controller Button Combination:


- Enable/Disable deblur: Gives Games a Sharper Pixel Look

- Z + Start + R + C-le/C-Ri

- Enable/Disable 15bit Colour Mode

- Z + Start + R + C-dw/C-up

- Short and Long Reset Ideal for accessing Flash cart Menu

- Z + Start + R + A + B


I supply High Quality shielded Scarts here!


Official installer with over 300 upgrades


6 Month Guarantee


Place your order then request the address details:

Service : RGB with De-blur - N64