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Send your Nintendo N64 in to be RGB modified professionally!


Get the latest version 3 Tim Worthington RGB Mod Board fitted professionally


Price includes mod kit and my own designed flat flex cable.


Three slots are milled in the shielding for the most direct (80mm) connection to the N64 via an 80 mm flat flex designed in house.


Mounting holes are drilled and tapped, the mod board is then bolted to the shielding.


This is the neatest installation method, meaning the board will never move, no alterations are made to the outer case.


As Featured on Nintendo Life!


Fully Compatible:


  • OSSC
  • RAD2X
  • Retrotink




Features Enabled/Disabled using Controller Button Combination:


- Enable/Disable deblur: Gives Games a Sharper Pixel Look

- Z + Start + R + C-le/C-Ri

- In Game Reset Ideal for accessing Flash cart / everdrive menu

- Z + Start + R + A + B


I supply High Quality shielded Scarts here!


Official installer and retailer for etim kits with hundreds of upgrades.


1 Year Guarantee


Place your order then request the address details:

Service : TW RGB with De-blur - N64

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