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Genuine Dreamcast Pico PSU


Easy to install with no soldering required, just mount the board with a single screw.


Genuine Pico modern atx power supply replacement , (don't use the clone designs such as the dreamPSU which have been based off an example schematic from the datasheet!)


The Dreamcast PicoPSU mod replaces the internal power supply with a DC-DC converter.


This means you power the dreamcast with an external laptop style power supply and makes the dreamcast universal, for example, you won't need a step down converter for an ntsc model which is 120v.


There is now no internal mains voltage within the console, which means its a lot safer to work on and runs a lot cooler.


Include dc mounting bracket (black)


This is available with and without a power adapter in case you already have one from an old laptop.


The power adapter will fit any rePSU and picoPSU upgrade.


The adapter breakout board was designed by chrisz2600


Email me at with any queries

Dreamcast Pico Genuine PicoPSU Power Supply

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