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PS2 SATA HDD Adapter


Gamestar Brand

Compatible 2.5 or 3.5 Inches


These are decent quality and tested.


Compatible with maximum 2TB SATA HDD.


Support all the brands of 2.5 inch /3.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD.


Compatible with :



HD Loader ,

OPL(Open PS2 Loader) ,

USB Advance ,

retro consoles emulators, etc.




1. How does this SATA adapter works?

This network adapter support PS2 Model SPCH-3xxxx and SPCH-5xxxx. With the >> FMCB << you can play backup HDD games.


This network adapter perfectly support OPL and HDLoader, you can also install the BOOT LOADER into your HDD or make virtual memory card by the OPL. You can also using the FHDB to play games.


2. How to burn backup games from your PC into SATA HDD?

First connect the SATA / IDE HDD to your computer, make sure to delete all the volumes. Then open the software WINHIIP to format your HDD.


After that you can burn the .iso games into the HDD using the WINHIIP. You can google this software, and there are also many tutorials about how to burn games into HDD3.


3. How big Internal HDD will this adapter support ?

Support as larger as 2TB HDD. You need the special tools to format the 2TB hard drive.


No network function.


PS2 SATA HDD Adapter

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