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RGB Scart with Seperate Stereo Audio for Megadrive


  • Brand new RGB Scart cable for the original Sega Mega Drive (and USA version Sega Genesis) consoles only
  • Auto-switches your TV to the Scart channel when your console is turned on (most TVs are compatible with this particular feature)
  • Stereo sound, taken by extra lead which connects to the audio port on the front of your console. 
  • RGB lines have the correct components for optimal brightness level and picture quality
  • Much better sound and picture than RF and no more tuning in!
  • Suitable for domestic consoles and for getting a colour display from imported consoles too! 
  • 1.4 metres long, approx.
  • High quality cable with copper wire spiral shield to help prevent external interference. 
  • Factory produced cable with moulded plug


Email me with at with any queries

Shielded RGB Scart for Sega Megadrive / Genesis

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