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Scart RGB for  Sega MegaDrive 2 Screened


- High quality with overall screening and audio screening

- Brand new high quality factory produced cable with moulded plug

- Automatically switches most TVs to RGB Scart mode when you turn your console on

- Latest version with built-in brightness control.  Some other cables on the  market don't have this, leading to colours being too bright and colour bleeding.

- True RGB signal for superior image quality

- Also outputs a composite video signal in case you don't have an RGB compatible scart socket on your TV

- Factory moulded plug for perfect fit and reliable connection.  Most other cables on the market are home made

- RGB signal enables import version consoles to output in full colour on UK/PAL Televisions

- High quality cable with copper wire spiral shield to help prevent external interference.  The audio and video wires are also screened from each other inside the cable

Stereo sound


For all Mega Drive 2 consoles

For Sega Genesis 2

For Sega Multimega (Multi-mega)

For CD-X

For Sega 32X (on a Mega Drive 2)

For Sega Nomad

Shielded RGB Scart for Sega MegaDrive 2

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