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Scart RGB for  SNES PAL Luma Sync


  • Made for use with all UK, European and Australian Super Nintendo consoles, ie. PAL versions
  • Sharp RGB picture quality, made specially for SNES.
  • True RGB signals for superior image quality over S-Video, basic AV and RF.  Sharper colours and clear picture, the difference really is very noticeable!
  • Copper braid screening to minimise interference
  • Brand new
  • This cable has the correct components to produce the correct brightness level - some other cables produce an over-bright picture
  • Stereo sound
  • This special cable uses sync from luma, which works better with some flat screens, instead of from composite.
  • Use this cable to connect your PAL SNES/Super Nintendo console to any TV that has a standard Euro RGB scart socket,,
  • Proper RGB scart cable, obviously, not AV/composite


Email me with at with any queries

Shielded RGB Scart for SNES PAL Luma Sync

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