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Send your Nintendo N64 in to be Region Modded Professionally.


Price includes mod chip.


The UltraPIF is a replacement for the PIF-NUS chip of the Nintendo 64.

The PIF-NUS chip is responsible for region locking and copy protection.

It also has some essential features: The UltraPIF replaces all the functions of the original PIF,but ignores the CIC and therefore allows a region free, PAL and NTSC compatible N64.


In addition, the UltraPIF has a built-in clock generator to support true 50 and 60Hz. An RGB LED replaces the original LED and indicates whether the N64 operates in NTSC or PAL.


I have replacement region free cartridge trays available


1 Year Guarantee


Place your order then request the address details:

Mod Service : N64 Region Free

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