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Send your Nintendo NES in to be modified professionally!


This is for the famicom av and toploader model


RGB provides an immense improvement over composite.

Crisp / Clear 8 Bit Graphics!

100's of RGB Upgrades Installed


Compatible with the ossc upscaler for the latest hdmi resolutions with zero lag!


Official UK/European installer for Tim Worthington nesrgb and n64rgb mod kits


- Includes Tim Worthington NESRGB RGB KIT


- Quick Turnaround (1-2 Weeks)




I stock compatible scarts here


Alternatively retrogamingcables scart is available here


I stock good quality compatible power supplies here




6 Month Guarantee / Warranty


Just get in touch for more details!




    Mod Service : Famicom AV / NES Toploader - Tim Worthington RGB

    • UK and European Shipping

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