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Wii AVE HDMI Send In Install Service


Send in service.

All you need to do is send in a compatible Nintendo wii console unit.

All models with the gamecube ports.

I have kits available, or the customer can include the kit.


Hi-def output mod for the nintendo wii.

Make your console HDMI compatible.


Resolutions up to 4K are possible when connected via the retrotink 4k or morph4k




This design accepts the digital video output from the Nintendo Wii and uses ikorb’s GCVideo to output a high quality, configurable HDMI output to any HDMI compatible display!


OSD Menu can be accessed using the gamecuble controller:  L+R+X+Y and the configuration menu will open.


6 Month guarantee.


Contact before ordering.

Mod Service : Wii AVE HDMI

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