SNES Mini / Junior 7374 RGB Amp Mod Kit


Compatible with the following SNES Models:


- SNES Mini

- Super Famicom Junior

- All SNES 1 Chip Models


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- Add a note when ordering.

- Let me know what model 1 chip snes you have.

- The snes mini / junior or the 1 chip 0x---- big grey models!!!

- Let me know which sync type you would like 75R term / TTL sync


- By default these will be configured for snes mini/jr and ttl sync


!!! !!!


TTL compatible which will work for this scart


75 ohm termination sync. which will work with this scart


Snes mini / jr or Super Famicom Junior installation:

Simply solder 4 wires, as can be seen in product photo no.2


Detailed installation notes can be found here


The THS7374 is the latest SDTV Amplifier IC from Texas Instruments.


Low pass filter option (disabled by default)


PCB populated in house.

All credit for the design go to Borti4938.




Contact for installation help.


Kit : RGB - SNES THS7374 Bypass Amp


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