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The RePSX is a 12v power supply for the Playstation 1 (PSX) that works as a drop-in replacement. The installation is very easy, no soldering or modifications involved.

The RePSX works with all revisions (either 5 pin or 7 pin) from all regions (PAL, NTSC-J, NTSC-US). It’s a good solution to avoid step-down converters or just to replace an old PSU.
The design includes a modern reset circuit to achieve a 500ms delay for the CPU during start-up and reset (replicating the behaviour of the original design of the stock PSU).
Please note that this follows PCB layout best practice for power supply design and that all components are good quality branded ones. When tested with a good-quality 12v adapter, the RePSX offered a ripple+noise below 50mV under load. 


This is compatible with X-Station, MODE, and HDMI solutions available for the PSX.


This is available with and without a power adapter in case you already have one from an old laptop.


The power adapter will fit any rePSU and picoPSU upgrade.


Official UK distributor for RexusNexus

Sony Playstation1 RePSX PSU

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