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Kit : RGB - Triple Bypass V2 Megadrive / Genesis


Latest RGB and audio amp mod for the megadrive model 2 or genesis model 2 consoles.


This mod will make the later models sound as good or better as the model 1.


Compatible with this high quality screened scart




Uses the latest THS7374 amp and uses bypass circuitry to improve RGB signal clarity.


Utilises the Mega Amp 2.0 audio amp which vastly improves the audio compared to stock.


Jumpers which allow you to choose between many audio configurations.


Audio optimised with the MDFourier project to match the best audio quality that comes from a new Model 1.


Install intructions are here


Install video


Any queries, just contact

Kit : RGB - Triple Bypass V2 Megadrive 2 / Genesis 2

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