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PC Engine 7374 RGB Mod Kit


- Latest 7374 based RGB Amplifier 75 ohm terminated sync.


- High quality tantalum capacitors on RGB lines.


- Compatible with Core / Core II / Turbo Grafx / Duo / Duo-R / Duo-RX / Super Grafx


- You can use this on the original white model, but I have a separate version specifically for this model here


- Includes replacement caps for Jailbar fix :




Install guide is here


- Includes DIN8 pcb mount connector


- DIN8 panel mount or mini din 8 pcb/panel mount available on request




Retro gaming cables stock  DIN 8 compatible scarts for duo, duo-r, turbo grafx here


Any queries, just contact

Kit : RGB - PC Engine THS7374 Amp

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