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PC Engine 7374 RGB Mod Kit


- Latest 7374 based RGB Amplifier 75 ohm terminated sync.


- Compatible with Core / Core II / Turbo Grafx / Duo / Duo-R / Duo-RX / Super Grafx


- Includes DIN8 PCB mount connector


(DIN8 or mini DIN8 panel mount connector available on request)


- Includes replacement caps for Jailbar fix


 Hu6260 pinout


Mod board Installation instructions:


1. Replace DIN Connector


2. Solder sync and G,R,B wires to Pins 44, 47, 49, 51 on 6260 chip

Lay a piece of of flexistrip on top of chip to keep wires in place.

5v and GND can also be tapped directly and even the 4.7u jailbar caps can be soldered between digital and analogue 5v/gnd pins.


3. Solder to mod board inputs, then solder GRB mod outputs to top 3 pins of DIN8 (as in pictured)


4. Sync goes to underside of DIN8 with trace cut as seen,


5 Solder 5v and gnd to mod board, use your  multimeter continiuty setting to find nearest 5v and GND points for the mod board.




Retro gaming cables stock  DIN 8 compatible scarts for duo, duo-r, turbo grafx here, you don't need the sync seperator option


If you want to use an easier method and add a separate mini din8 panel mount  connector you can use this cable


Any queries, just contact

Mod Kit : RGB THS7374 Amp - PC Engine / Core / Duo / Duo-R / TurboGrafx

2 week eta
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