PC Engine 7374 RGB Mod Kit


- Compatible with PC Engine/ Core / Core II / Turbo Grafx / Duo / Duo-R / Duo-RX

- Latest 7374 based RGB Amplifier with Sync 75 Ohm Termination Amp


- Includes replacement caps for Jailbar fix :

- http://etim.net.au/av-driver/pcebars/

- https://console5.com/wiki/Hu6260


- Includes Replacement Connectors

- Choice of mini-din8 and din8 panel mount or pcb mount connectors

- Let me know what model you're modding and what connector you would prefer




I stock compatible Scarts for the PC-Engine White Model here


Retrogamingcables stock an alternative PC-Engine White Model Scarts here


Retro gaming cables stock a compatible for scart for all other models:

For duo, duo-r, turbo grafx can be found here


I stock compatible cap kits for the Turbo Duo Model here



Kit : RGB - PC Engine THS7374 Amp