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Reduced from 399 due to some cosmetic fading.  (£55 off)

Excellent opportunity to own a toploader version of the nintendo with all the advantages of not having any cartridge connection issues infamous with the frontloader tray system.


RGB Modded with Tim's NESRGB Kit


Latest NESRGB Version 4


New controller activated reset and pallette swapping feature with 6 pallette options.


Mini-din 8 or snes/n64 type multi-out port options




Compatible with the OSSC Upscaler,

Compatible with the retrotink

Compatible with the Framemeister


Compatible with most model LCD and HD-TV's with scart input

Compatible with Sony PVM / BVM and CRT with NTSC capabiltiy




- I stock compatible scarts here

- Alternatively retrogamingcables scart is available here




- Contact for more details:-



Console : RGB - NES Toploader NTSC

SKU: 001
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