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NES Power / AV Module


This is supplied in kit form.


Replacement for the NES power/av/rf module.


Integrated RGB multi-out connector. This is the neatest way to rgb mod the frontloader model nes with no need to mount a seperate output connector.


Some minor filing / cutting to the case is necessary for the multi out connector.


Power Input Specification: 9V DC 1-2 Amp center negative 2.1mm


This is for use with a DC adapter!

Not compatible with AC, like the original AC nintendo adapter.


I have decent DC adapters available here

Assembly Notes:

Cut the composite video trace on the nes motherboard and link to ground

This is the trace going to the end pin of original module. See photos.


Audio notes:

You can use the nes audio or the nesrgb audio, if you use the nesrgb audio you need to cut the nes audio trace. This is the trace going to the 2nd from end pin of original module. See photos


Multi out connector assemby:

Place fingerboard / middleboard in multi connector before soldering to get the plate spacing correct. See photos.

    Mod Kit : RGB - NES Power/AV Module

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