This is a pre-order for the new nesrgb v4 which has new features

such as in game reset, controller pallette swapping, and dejitter

wait time may be up to 4 weeks!


Tim Worthington NESRGB Version 4


Modkit for the following models:


  • Frontloader
  • Famicom av
  • Toploader / NES 101
  • Famicom twin


This is the new version of NESRGB kit.


Official UK/European distributor for Tim Worthington nesrgb and




NESRGB board V4.0

  • IC socket, connectors, pin and socket strip.
  • Suitable adapter board if required by your console choice.


Compatible Scart kit with serparate audio is available here


Cap kits are here


Replacement cartridge connectors


Installation Instructions are here


Email: for any technical help.



    Kit : RGB - NES / Famicom AV / Toploader / Twin