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Tim Worthington NESRGB Version 4


Modkit for the following models:


  • Frontloader
  • Famicom av
  • Toploader / NES 101
  • Famicom twin


This is the new version of NESRGB kit.


Official UK/European distributor for Tim Worthington nesrgb and




NESRGB board V4.0


  • IC socket, connectors, pin and socket strip.
  • Suitable adapter board if required by your console choice.


Compatible Scart kit with serparate audio is available here


Cap kits are here


Replacement cartridge connectors


Installation Instructions are here


Frontloader model : isolate ppu pin 22 from nes motherboard as detailed here


Email: for any technical help.


    Kit : RGB - NES / Famicom AV / Toploader / Twin

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